BYOT Overview

  • Due to the expansion of our 1:1 initiative we continue to evaluate the instructional benefits and limitations of the BYOT program. While we plan to provide a computer to every student in each participating grade level, a parent/legal guardian may prefer that a student  bring a personally‐owned computer from home instead of using a district computer. In this case, we provide access to a designated wireless district network after the personally-owned device is properly registered. Please know that we will not be able to install district‐licensed software* on a personally-owned computer and there will be limited district support. For these reasons, using a personally-owned device could put a student at a disadvantage in certain circumstances. However, if you are still interested, the BYOT registration procedures are in the document below. For more information call the Office of Technology at 484‐266‐1050.

    Students bringing in their own computers are still accountable for their use and must follow the Acceptable Use Policy. Also, most of the considerations and care of the computer listed in our 1:1 Handbook may also apply to BYOT and are recognized as good computing habits. We encourage you to review this handbook.

    BYOT Registration Procedures

    * Some online assessments require a lockdown browser to ensure testing integrity. We do make the lockdown browser available to students with BYOT devices (unfortunately Chromebooks are not currently supported). The link to download the browser is available in Schoology.