• Food allergies

    The WCASD Food Service Department strive to create and maintain eating environments that are  healthy, safe and inclusive.  The WCASD food service team recognize they have an important role in allergy prevention and management and take student allergies very seriously.   We are committed to partnering with school staff to ensure that students with allergies are able to feel comfortable and safe eating in the cafeteria!

    To accomplish this, a multifaceted approach should be taken which includes: 

    • training the staff how to recognize an allergic reaction and  the common food allergen
    • sharing information with school nurses and teachers on which students have allergies, especially severe  cases
    • developing detailed allergy prevention procedures including cleaning, proper labeling


    Allergy Lady Allergy Girl


    Click Here for more important information on    Managing WCASD Student Allergies   


    Meal Accomodation for Students with Allergies for School Year 2021-22

    All students eat for free this school year (SY 21-22). 

    If a student has food allergy, food service will  provide an alternate meal that meets the nutritional requirement of the item subsituted. 

    Below  are instructions for obtaining a replacement meal and the options available for substitution. 

    Procedures for Ordering Alternate Meals for Students with Allergies


    Blank Calendar for Alternate Meals 


    Food Service Building Contact Information

    Kitchen Leads