• Feeding West Chester Students with Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

     Our food service program at WCASD with Aramark wants each family to feel confident while their student dines in our cafeterias. Our goal is to provide your students with nutritious, delicious, and SAFE meals 100% of the time. We are committed to transparency about the products and food items we use and encourage parents to reach out to us with any questions about our food and our procedures. Parents and students can set up appointments to tour our kitchens to look at any food labels on the products we use.

    Where can I find the nutritional information for a item on the menu? If you have a question about a food item, first check our new digital menu for an easy and quick way to get nutrition information you are looking for. All our menus are uploaded unto our digital menu program called Nutrislice. There is a daily or weekly view of the menu and all the foods served on our menu can be obtained with one click! "https://westchesterpa.nutrislice.com/"

    Where can I find out whether a food item contains a specific allergen?  If you have a concern about a specific product or allergen, Nutrislice can identify and highlight the top 9 common allergens in the food we use as well. Aramark has implemented new menu software to create an easy way for you to access our menu, nutritional information, and the common allergens in our recipes.The website is:  https://westchesterpa.nutrislice.com and can also be found on the West Chester Area school district site.

    Can I put an alert on my child's account, so the cafeteria knows they have an allergy? Our food service staff is given a list from the school nurses of any students with allergies. An alert is placed on the student's account and an alert pops up when the student enters their PIN. The cashiers are instructed to have the student see the nurse before purchasing this item. **PLEASE NOTE**: The staff does not have access to students allergy/medical information and ultimately cannot decide nor grant permission for concerning the consumption of a particular food or beverage item on behalf of a student.

    Is the District Peanut Free? YES. GRADES K-8 are considered PEANUT FREE. No food containing peanuts/tree nuts is brought into the kitchen or served in the cafeteria at elementary and middle school levels. In Grades 9-12, a limited number of individually wrapped food items that contain peanuts are sold in the cafeteria.

    What steps should I take if my student has an allergy or dietary concern and wants to eat in the cafeteria? First, make sure the school nurse is aware of any dietary needs that your student may have. Look at the monthly menu and select foods your student wants to eat, but you have questions about. Use the Nutrislice monthly menu to identify if meal selections contain your student's allergens.

    If additional nutrition info is needed for foods and snacks, please contact the Aramark Food Service office (contact info listed below) to request specific food labels or to schedule a visit to the kitchen to read most current food label contents.

    *Due to issues with the supply chain, some food substitutions are made without advance notice. If your student's allergy is severe, please periodically review food nutrition labels with your school's cafeteria manager. To ensure each student’s safety, please encourage your student not to share food, whether brought in from home or purchased at school.

    Aramark is dedicated to a high standard of food safety. While we prevent any cross-contamination from harmful bacteria entering our food, students with severe allergies should still be aware of the possibility of cross-contact between food items that can occur while preparing the day’s menu.

    While the makers of Nutrition Facts and Ingredient labels are required to disclose common allergens listed in the actual product, allergens in the manufacturer’s facility that are not a part of the food item itself may or may not be disclosed. If you have a specific question or don't see the information you’re looking for on our website, please reach out to our Food Service team*.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have to ensure that you have confidence in your decision to participate in our Food Service program at WCASD.


    Food Service Director:  Clare DiSabatino  cdisabatino@wcasd.net

    Food Service Manager:  Caitlin McGrath   cmcgrath@wcasd.net

    Food Service Office484-266-3880