Summer Reading Flipgrid Challenge

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    We know you're diving into great books this summer, and we hope you'll share them with Fern Hill teachers and students! For this summer's reading challenge, we encourage students to give book reviews that are 90 seconds or less. We want you to convince other readers to select your book. So, give the title, author, a brief summary, and your own rating of the book (1-5 stars). The more convincing and creative you are, the more likely your classmates will be to follow your lead and read the book! 

    To do this, we'll be using Flipgrid! Read the steps below to find out the two ways you can upload your book review to Flipgrid. Once your book review has been uploaded, take some time to review other students' videos to get new book recommendations!


    Option 1: Upload from the Fern Hill Website!

    1. On the left side of the page you will see a link to different grade levels. You are to select the grade level that you will be entering in the 2018-2019 school year. 
    2. Click the big green (+) button. (you may need to enable your camera on your computer).
    3. Record a video
    4. Review the video
    5. Take a selfie
    6. Enter info
    7. Click submit

    Option 2: Upload using the Flipgrid app

    1.  Download the Flipgrid App (it's free!)
    2. Enter a Flip Code
      1. 1st graders: fab053
      2. 2nd graders: 5a7a22
      3. 3rd graders: 761122
      4. 4th graders: 9fdb02
      5. 5th graders: e83193e
    3. Click the big green (+) button. 
    4. Record a video
    5. Review the video
    6. Take a selfie
    7. Enter info
    8. Click Submit

    **It is expected that students will use appropriate digital citizenship skills when posting their book reviews to Flipgrid. The Flipgrid boards will be monitored throughout the summer by Dr. Eberly and Fern Hill teachers.


    Flipgrid Password: Summer18


    August Raffle! 

    Students will receive one raffle ticket for each independent reading book review they complete on Flipgrid. At the end of the first week of school, 5 names will be drawn to receive a reward!


    View this website for more information on getting started with Flipgrid. 

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