• Reading Olympics

    The goal of the Reading Olympics is to increase the quality and quantity of books students read for enjoyment. Teams of students collaborate to read forty to fifty books that have been selected by a committee. The Olympics are primarily a celebration of reading rather than a contest. Since the teams generate much excitement about this reading event, the experience is rewarding for everyone involved.

    The Reading Olympics is open to students in fourth or fifth grade. However, we are limited to thirty participants. In past years when we’ve had over thirty students wanting to participate, we‘ve drawn names “from a hat” before we formally met as a team. Official signups will happen in the fall and if necessary, the drawing will then take place.

    The link will take you to the Reading Olympic book list for the 2020 competition. We’re posting this now for any students who are interested in being on one of our Reading Olympics teams and who like to relax through reading during the summer. Please remember, the Olympics aren’t until May, so some of the books listed may be a bit difficult for your child at this time. That’s fine! There’s plenty of time for reading as the year progresses. Also, your child does not have to read all of the books. It’s a team effort! Once we’re back in school more information will be sent out.




    Mrs. Avila, Mrs. Kelly, and Mrs. Wingerd