Secondary Summer School Opportunities

  • We are excited to be offering more summer programs than in the past. Our menu of 4 learning options for students is outlined below. View our FREE Theme-Based and Preview Learning Courses being offered and register online through, Saturday, May 15. The High School Recovery Credit courses are free, but the Original Credit classes do have fees associated with the courses. In order to afford flexibility for students, the schedules do vary over the course of 5 weeks (beginning, Monday, June 28 through July 30.)

    1. Theme-Based Summer Learning Programs

    These Free programs are mostly in-person learning experiences created and offered by our teachers. In order to afford flexibility for students and teachers, the schedules vary based upon the teacher proposals.

    View Theme-Based Courses and Register online.

    2. Preview Learning Courses

    These FREE online, asynchronous courses offered in ELA, Math, Science, and World Language will be scheduled in either the morning or the afternoon (M-R). These courses will review the prior year’s standards and skills while providing students with an introduction to the next course in the sequence. For example, we will offer a Preview Learning Course for Algebra 1. Students will review skills from pre-Algebra while also being introduced to early concepts of Algebra 1. These courses are intended to solidify skills in preparation for the next course in the sequence. In addition to online instruction, teachers will be available for in-person and/or Zoom tutoring.

    View Preview Learning Courses and Register online.

    3. High School Recovery Credit Courses

    These Free online, asynchronous ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies courses will be offered through Educere for students who failed a core class during the school year. These courses are self-paced but supported through our Summer School Learning Team located at East High School. All assessments may be completed online. As students register for these courses through their school counselor at the end of the school year. We will communicate more detailed information about the supports.

    4. Original Credit Courses

    The district will offer students the opportunity to earn original credit in the following courses. Learning will be a combination of in-person and online instruction according to the schedule for each course. These courses are created and taught by WCASD faculty. Register for the course through PaySchoolsCentral

    These Original Credit Courses will run from Tuesday, June 22 to Thursday, August 5. Students will meet in-person every Tuesday 8:30-11:30 am

    • Geometry
    • Introduction to Computer Programming

    Original Credit Online Courses run from Monday, June 28 to Thursday, July 29. Register and pay for the Health courses through PaySchoolCentral.

    • Health Fitness 9
    • Health 10 - this is a completely asynchronous, teacher paced class that will be using Schoology

    The following original credit course is offered to our students through our online learning provider, Educere. Register and pay for this course through Educere using the links below.

    • American Government & Economics (CCP)

    West Chester - East Original Credit Educere Courses
    West Chester - Henderson Original Credit Educere Courses
    West Chester - Rustin Original Credit Educere Courses

High School Recovery Credit and Original Credit Course Details

  • WCASD logo  Original Credit Blended High School Summer School Courses

    The following original credit courses will be offered virtually this summer. Students can register for each of these classes as an original credit or a make-up credit. These courses are taught by our WCASD teachers.

    7-week classes run from June 22nd – August 5th (no school on July 5th)

    Course Name

    Class Hours





    Introduction to Computer Programming

    Online 1.0

    5-week classes run from Monday, June 28 - Thursday, July 29

    Course Name

    Course Hours


    Health Fitness 9 Online 1.0
    Health 10 Online 0.6

    To Register:

    • Parents log into their PaySchoolsCentral account. The make-up course will be listed under your student’s name.
    • Payment deadline is Saturday, May 15 @ 11:59 p.m.
    • Tuition: $410/ per 1 credit course; $275/ per 0.6 credit course
    • Registration fees must be paid in full using the PaySchoolsCentral
    • School Counselors will be available in schools to assist WCASD students that qualify for a reduced tuition rate based on family income. The reduced tuition rate will be determined by the District. Proof of income is required. Families requesting reduced tuition must contact the school’s counseling office or caseworker by Thursday, June 3.
    • Courses will begin the week of June 24 and run through August 5, 2021

    Educere Logo

      The following original credit course is offered to our students through our online learning provider, Educere.

      5-week classes run from June 23rd– August 5th

    Course Name

    Course Hours


    American Government & Economics (CCP)

    Online 1.0
    • Register by Wednesday, June 16 @ 11:59 p.m.
    • Tuition: $399 for 1.0 credit and $199.50 for .6 credit
    • Courses will begin Wednesday, June 23, 2021
    • A school counselor will be available at each high school for assistance. Students may qualify for tuition reduction based on family income.
    • To register online, please access the links below according to your high school.

    West Chester - East Original Credit Educere Courses
    West Chester - Henderson Original Credit Educere Courses
    West Chester - Rustin Original Credit Educere Courses

    Educere Logo

      High School Recovery Credit Courses 


    Online make-up courses in the subjects of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies are for students who failed a subject during the school year who had a minimum grade of 60-69%. If a West Chester Area School District student received a grade below 60%, he or she is not eligible to enroll in a make-up course for credit. The goals of the online high school summer school program are to help students:

    Make up a subject failed during the regular school year who earned a minimum grade of 60-69%.

    Improve a grade in a high school course already taken for credit.

    The courses are offered through Educere, a leading K-12 virtual education service organization with customers.

    5-week classes run from Monday, June 28th – Thursday, July 29th

    • Register by Wednesday, June 23 @ 11:59 p.m. with your School Counselor
    • Tuition: FREE
    • Courses will begin Monday, June 28, 2021

    Families are encouraged to register as early as possible. Registration will not be accepted via telephone or email.

    General Educere Information

    • Students access Educere courses online and no additional course materials are necessary. Students may access the courses at any time through any computer with an internet connection. A virtual instructor teaches each course, and students communicate with the instructor via email, web-based text meetings, and/or a toll-free phone number.
    • All tests will be taken at home while an Educere Personal Learning Coach™ supports the student throughout the virtual education experience. The Coach is not a tutor.

    Disciplinary Regulations
    Summer school students will be expected to adhere to the West Chester Area School District’s Disciplinary Code. Violations of the Discipline Code will result in the student being suspended from summer school. All suspensions will be external and will count as an absence. The school administrator shall have the final authority for dismissal. Parents/guardians will always be informed.

    Progress Reports
    Progress reports for online courses are sent via email. 

    Grades will be mailed home and to the schools on or about August 13, 2021. All coursework must be completed by Friday, July 31st. Incomplete coursework will be calculated into the student’s final grade. All grades will be recorded on the student’s transcript.


    • Start Date – Approximately 7 days after the submission of the online registration completed by school counselor
    • End Date –all coursework must be completed by Thursday, August 5. There will be no extensions.

    West Chester High School Guidance Departments are open until June 17th:

    • East High School - Mrs. Grace Barry and Mr. Tim Bryan: 484-266-3811 or 484-266-3824
    • Henderson High School - Ms. Morgan Gamble and Dr. Korey Bell: 484-266-3407 or 484-266-3408
    • Rustin High School - Mrs. Bobbie Crowe and Ms. Ashley Ainsworth: 484-266-4311 or 484-266-4318

    Summer School Contact Information


    Dr. Corey Fields, Rustin HS,
    Dr. Crystal Dowdell, Henderson HS,
    Nicole Forrest, East HS,

    WCASD Tech Support- (If you are having problems with your laptop)
    Educere Tech Support- (If you are having problems with Summer School Classes)  email Lindsey McLoughlin at, or call the tech support line at 215-253-4946 ext. 7.