Chester County Reading Olympics

  • This year Glen Acres will be participating in the 4th annual Chester County Reading Olympics.  Elementary schools throughout Chester County have been invited to participate in this exciting event.  The Reading Olympics is a celebration of reading rather than a contest.  The goal of the Olympics is to increase the quality of books our students read for enjoyment and given them the opportunity to compete on a team in an academic event.  All participants will receive a ribbon for their hard work and dedication to reading.

    I am the building coordinator and I am planning to have two teams of 5th grade students.  Team members will be required to read 5 or 6 books (which the library will provide) from a pre-selected list of 45 books.  We will start meeting in the library and all subsequent Tuesdays during 5th grade lunch.  We will be discussing books they have read and quizzing each other about the stories.  The Chester County Reading Olympics Competition will be held at the CCIU.

    I will meet with all fifth graders during the week of January 2nd to explain this event.  Please look for a letter to come home with your child.  If your son or daughter is interested in joining our teams, there will be a permission slip to sign and return to the library.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    For further information, please visit: