Here are some important things about our library.

  • Our Exton library is open for the school community from 8:15 AM until 3:05 PM daily whenever school is open. Our goal is to help you do your very best in school by providing access to information that supports your classroom learning. We also want to help you develop a love of reading by providing a wide array of choices of books.

    • We have about 13,000 items including books and E-books.
    • We also have an awesome Makerspace that includes Legos, Keva blocks, puzzles, Turing Tumble, Strawbees, iPads, and many other items!
    • Books are loaned for one week and can be renewed as needed.
    • The number of books a student may take out at one time varies by grade level and time of the school year.
    • We have an online card catalog that can be accessed at home and at school by any computer or device.
    • Students are welcome to check out books any time, not just during library class.
    • We get new books throughout the year and welcome suggestions of books to add to our library collection!
    • We host a Scholastic Book Fair twice a year, usually in November and in May.
    • We love having parent volunteers help throughout the school day!
    • Our rules are simple - Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Ready to Learn.
    • We are all here to help you develop a love of learning, reading, and books.

    Mrs. Tammy Taylor, Teacher Librarian


    Mrs. Ulese Cesarski, Library Assistant

    Mrs. Kathy Nagorny, Library Assistant