• 4-7-20 


    Good morning all,

    Autism Awareness Month kick off!  Pictures of new 1st and 2nd grade rooms.  They are making some great progress.

    Enjoy the day!


    Good afternoon EGE!

    The Tuesday before Spring Break.  I know it is weird, but try to celebrate with the children over the next five days.  Try your best to really treat it as spring break.

    I know for many of you this week would be one that is spent with family and especially on this Sunday.  We might not be able to be with all the ones we love on Easter, but reach out during the day to each of them.  I can tell you that this virus will not stop the Easter bunny from coming to the Brown house.  I am sure it will be a special day for all at the Brown house, different but still special.

    Today we celebrate Autism Awareness month.  Each year we have special things that we do at EGE to celebrate this month.  We always have the children color in the Autism Awareness Ribbon and we hang them in our school.  I have attached the ribbon for you to color at home and hang up to remember that we are celebrating Autism Awareness month.  Have the children hang it up and take a picture of it and Tweet it out or put on Instagram, Facebook…….  and show our community how much we care about everyone!  The staff are wearing their shirts or blue to celebrate today!  I have attached a picture of me in my shirt.

    Next week will start our four days of instruction (Monday – Thursday) and Friday being planning day for teachers.  We know everyone has their own situations at home and might not be able to make all the zooms or do all the work assigned each day and each week.  Please do our best, but most important take care of your children and you emotionally.  If you need a break, TAKE ONE!!  If your children is frustrated, TAKE A BREAK!  If you feel your blood pressure ring, TAKE A BREAK!!  We all know how much work this is for everyone and we want you all to be healthy (whole family!).  Do the best you can as we are trying to do the best we can.

    There is always good news to be found in all situations and for us it is that construction work is back up and running at EGE.  We are making great progress and might even be ahead of schedule for the first time in two years, YEAH!!  I have attached two pictures of the progress in a few of the rooms that we moved out of over winter break.

    Long note, I know!  Stay well my EGE family, we miss you and love you all!

    Mr. Brown


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